Why Top Athletes Seek Dr.Nick When They Want to Uplevel

Becoming an elite athlete at the top of your game is not about luck and it takes more than just hard work and dedication. It takes the right knowledge and a combination of the ideal diet, training program and neutraceuticals, and the power of the mind working for you. Many top talented athletes seek Dr. Nicks help because instead of just focusing on one of these factors, the Delgado Protocol addresses all of them; it’s an individualized and holistic coaching program that leads to tremendous success.

The Ideal Diet

There is so much conflicting advice on the best diet for peak health and athletic excellence. Unlike all the trendy diet programs out there – Nick bases his dietary guidance on research, long-term, large-scale studies, lab tests, and clinical observation during 50 years as an antiaging health coach. Facts are facts, and the fact is the absolute best diet for energy, performance, endurance, focus, and recovery is a plant-based, wholefoods diet, that includes at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

The Ultimate Training Program

Top athletes turn to Nick for coaching because he knows how to create a training program that leads to athletic excellence. He himself has broken two World Strength endurance records; lifting 50,640lbs in one hour. And he did this while competing against men half his age! He uses his knowledge gained through personal experience and through decades of research to create training programs that minimize time spent and maximize results. If you’ve reached a plateau in your strength building, endurance, or performance, Nick is the man you want to see.


When you are working towards athletic excellence, and engaging in intense physical activity your body requires additional support. Even if you are consuming a clean, plant-based diet, you could still benefit from added nutrification and fortification. Nick spent years in the lab creating neutraceuticals that contain the ideal blend of all-natural nutrients and herbs for supporting athletic performance both directly and indirectly, including: Power & Speed, Lean & Fit, Beet Vitality, The Ultimate Antioxidant, Slim Blend Pro, TestroVida Pro, and Stem Cell Strong. Which neutraceuticals you will most benefit from is dependant on your individual goals and biochemistry. When you work with Nick, he will identify any imbalances or areas of lack and create an individualized nutraceutical program. The right combination of these safe and legal neutraceuticals will make the difference between athletic mediocrity and athletic excellence.

Training the Mind

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and the greatest diet and training regime in the world will not lead to peak performance if your mind is not in the game. Most of us are unaware of the negative messages the subconscious mind often feeds us on repeat. But if yours is sending you messages like “I’m a failure,” “I’m unworthy,” “I can’t do this,” “I’m not good enough/strong enough, fast enough, etc,” you will never achieve your personal best. Nick has spent decades studying hypnosis, NLP and the power of the mind and he incorporates his learnings into his coaching program. With the subconscious on board, you will reach new levels of athletic success.

*If you want to get started reprogramming your mind for success today, get Nicks hypnosis audio tracks.