(Video) Doctor Delgado’s Secret Tool for Athletic Supremacy

Doctor Delgado’s Secret Tool for Athletic Supremacy

Electrical stimulation devices are muscle stimulators that use electrical impulses in order to trigger muscular contractions. They are passive workout devices since you don’t purposefully contract the muscles like you would while doing weight bearing or weight lifting exercises. They are touted for their ability to build-up strength and muscle, but the majority of the population dismisses them due to their passive nature. Doctor Nick Delgado used to think that way himself, and was formally a strong believer that you had to go to the gym in order to build strength. However, his opinion changed when he tried the TeslaMax, and now he not only uses it regularly, he also advocates it for anyone who wants to build strength, heal and prevent injuries, and/or optimize their athletic performance.

TeslaMax Versus Other Electrical Stimulation Systems

Electrical stimulation systems have been around for decades, however, TeslaMax employs a different delivery system that allows for a much higher voltage and lower amperage, without causing any physical discomfort. The delivery system used in the TeslaMax mimics what your body does naturally while strength training, causing a powerful signal for your muscles to contract deeply (much more so than standard stimulatory devices). The deeper contractions are tolerable for a much longer period of time, without causing burning or pain, which in turn, allows for maximum muscle strengthening results. Due to its unique delivery system, you can use the TeslaMax for 45 minutes without any discomfort and the repetitive contracting and relaxing action that occurs in that amount of time is equivalent to about 500-800 sit ups, 1000 squats, or 200 push-ups. What impressed Doctor Delgado the most is that even if a person doesn’t have the physical capability to perform that many repetitious exercises, they can sit there passively while the TeslaMax works for them – all without breaking a sweat. The TeslaMax is also superior to standard stimulation devices because its delivery system helps to stimulate not only muscles, but also soft tissues and ligaments and it removes edema (the stagnant fluids that surround muscle injuries), which accelerates the healing of injuries.

The Athletic Edge

In most athletics we favor certain muscle groups over others, and this causes an imbalance, with some muscles being very strong and others very weak. The TeslaMax can be hooked up to each and every individual muscle or group of muscles, and can be used to build-up the weak muscles so that they match the strength of the stronger ones. This is important because most athletic injuries occur because the weak muscle groups are not keeping up with the stronger ones. By creating a muscle strength balance, you produce an architectural stability that helps to prevent injuries and to maximize athletic performance. Doctor Delgado credits the TeslaMax for helping him to win two World Strength Endurance records in weights curled and lifted above the head in one hour, while competing against athletes half his age and twice his size.

Chronic Pain and Injury Benefits

Chronic pain almost always has muscle strength imbalances as a chief contributory cause. TeslaMax helps to fight chronic pain by strengthening the weaker muscles, and it does so without any active effort. The TeslaMax also promotes circulation and helps to remove the edema around injuries which helps to reduce discomfort and hasten the healing process. If you have a frozen shoulder where the front side is stronger for example, you can use the TeslaMax to help strengthen the backside of the shoulder, and the pain will slowly dissipate as the muscle groups become balanced. You can also use the TeslaMax to rejuvenate muscles around injuries without putting any weight on those muscles; this is especially beneficial if you have knee injuries and/or if you can’t walk or run, because you can help stimulate muscle activity without burdening the injury with weight bearing exercises. For many, the rapid edema-lowering and strength-building effects can produce noticeable recovery in just a handful of The TeslaMax is one of the keys to Doctor Delgado’s success as a world champion strength endurance winner; however, it is not a stand-alone therapy. Cardiovascular exercises, flexibility exercises and traditional strength training should all be combined for maximum athletic results. A healthy, whole-foods based diet — high in fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes; and low in oils and animal products, should also be incorporated in order to optimize health and athletic capabilities.