Tools For Living Longer

Tools For Living Longer

Who doesn’t want to live a long, and happy life? Everybody has that goal to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. The truth is, you can achieve that goal all by yourself through healthy eating, exercise, and natural vitamins. It is crucial for living healthy, that you stay away from all toxic foods and drinks, such as coffee, or any grilled/fried foods.

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, a medicine practitioner, and president of the International Hormone Society, has offered us some very useful tips and tricks for living longer, and feeling better. According to Hertoghe, and recent studies, we have the ability to live up to twenty years longer than the average human life span. Obviously, treating your body right: no smoking, no drinking alcohol, and definitely no processed food, will help this process. Extra steps like hormone therapy, stem cell therapy, or natural anti-aging medicines can work to assure the prolonged life that every person is hoping for.

Another way to help lengthen your life span is by eating raw foods; fruits and vegetables, not necessarily raw meats but cooking your meat at a very low temperature to release any toxins, or any foods with low sugar content. This diet is known as the “Paleo Diet” or the “Caveman Diet” the reason behind these names come from the fact that everything in this diet refers back to only what cavemen would eat during prehistoric times. Many have found this diet to be effective in not only losing weight, but also regulating your blood sugar.
Even with the mindset of being your own doctor, it is still wise to check up with a doctor evey six months or so,  who will be able to help you correct any nutritional, and/or hormonal deficiencies you may be experiencing. Every person experiences some type of hormone deficiency at some point in their life. There are 35 important hormones in the body and out of those 35 there are about 5 or 6 hormones that are not quite up to par. Keep in mind all of the pollutants we have in our foods, and in the air that our bodies have to endure on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are ways to repair the damage caused to our bodies, the treatment is called peptide therapy.

Peptides are formed by a chain of amino acids which send signals to our cells allowing them to know how to function properly. There are some peptides in the body which are fractions of hormones that can be used to improve the immune system, repair cartilage, enhance muscles and block muscle breakdown. By trying the peptide treatment, any fatigue you might have been feeling will vanish, thanks to the new and improved immune system the peptides will have formed.

Just like every other type of medication, or treatment, there can be a level of abuse, or overuse. Taking too many peptides, let’s say to build muscle, can have equal effects to the body as overusing steroids. The purpose of peptide therapy is not to take a large portion in a small amount of time, the process is meant to be long-term, with results that will last you a lifetime.

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Article Written by: Jade Whelchel