The UN Urges People to Eat Plant-Based in Order to Fight Climate Change

Global warming has been called humankind’s greatest challenge and the West’s high consumption of meat and dairy is a major contributor. The climate change caused by animal agriculture poses a serious threat to our food supply and to our very existence here on earth. Even the UN is now advising people cut down their intake of animal products, and move towards a plant-based diet. I’ve been advocating this diet for decades and if you haven’t already made the switch, I urge you to consider the innumerable benefits. Not only is plant-based eating the best way to cut your carbon footprint, it also reduces animal cruelty and is scientifically proven to be the best diet for health and longevity.

Quick Facts

  • A quarter of all greenhouse emissions come from food
  • More than half of all food emissions come from animal products
  • Animal agriculture is the second largest human-made contributor to greenhouse gas and that gas is a leading cause of water pollution, air pollution, deforestation and biodiversity loss
  • A single cow burps a whopping 600 litres of methane every day 
  • More people could be fed off less land if individuals reduced their meat consumption
  • It is far more ‘climate efficient’ to produce protein from vegetable products than from animal products
  • The farm to table gas emissions caused by just a few slices of beef is equivalent to driving 30 miles in a car
  • A University of Chicago study found going vegan to be more effective at reducing carbon footprint than switching from a conventional car to a hybrid

How Animal Agriculture Destroys Our Environment

Cows release methane not only through their burps but also through their manure. Methane has a chemical structure that makes it extremely effective at trapping heat in the air, and it only takes a little to heat-up the atmosphere. In fact, a single pound of methane produces the same greenhouse effect as approximately 50 pounds of carbon dioxide. The killing, processing, transporting, and storing of animal flesh is extremely energy-intensive further contributing to global warming. And the deforestation that is necessary to expand livestock pastures only compounds the problem because we need the forests to absorb greenhouse gases.

Additional Dietary Tips for Slashing Your Environmental Impact

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables 
  • If a plant-based diet isn’t suitable for you, reduce or eliminate beef and lamb, as they are the two largest food-based greenhouse gas contributors
  • Choose products that are in season 
  • Buy local products and avoid anything that is flown in from abroad
  • Buy mindfully and don’t purchase more than you need, wasted food is estimated to account for 8-10% of all global emissions 
  • Buy organic or biodynamic food when possible
  • Grow your own food

Proven Health Benefits of the Plant-Based Diet

  • Increases lifespan
  • Slows the aging process
  • Reduces the risk for heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases
  • Reverses heart disease
  • Manages diabetes and reduces medication requirements
  • Leads to lasting weight loss
  • Gives you clearer, more radiant skin
  • Increases energy levels

Closing Thoughts

If you’re ready to step-up and make the change, get a copy of the Simply Healthy Cookbook. It’s a superb, common-sense guide to optimal nutrition through healthful food choices and it contains dozens of delicious plant-based recipes from cuisines around the world. If you want support on your transition to plant-based eating and help with meeting your health goals, sign-up for a personal health coach here. And finally, if you want insurance that all of your nutrient requirements are being met, get our 5-in-1 vegan, wholefood, organic powder – Slim Blend Pro, and add a scoop into your daily diet.