The Ultimate 4-Step Guide to a Long and Happy Marriage

Close to 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. The stats are dire but the outcome of your marriage isn’t a matter of fate; it’s completely in your control. Researchers have found marriages that are long and happy tend to share 4 commonalities. If your current marital status is disconnected, sexless, boring, uninspiring, chaotic, tumultuous, or anything less then satisfying, then incorporating these commonalities into your marriage is the key to turning things around.

Common Components in Happy, Lasting Marriages

  1. Emotional expression: This means communicating openly and expressing your feelings and emotions eg admitting when you’re feeling jealous or sad; overwhelmed, or frisky.

  2. A balance between connectivity and freedom: This is based on the human self-expansion theory that humans have a primary motivation to self-expand. Because of this, we are most happy in our relationships when our partners offer us freedom and opportunities for growth. So let go of control, attachment and jealousy; and work through any codependence issues you and your partner may have.

  3. An active and satisfying sex life: Many of us are prioritizing TV and work over our love-life but sex is the sizzle in a relationship and it’s what keeps a couple satisfied and together, so we need to reprioritize. We also need to be mindful of the fact that it can take from 20 to 60 minutes for a woman to reach orgasm and to allocate extra time during foreplay, to ensure she reaches climax.

  4. A Monogam-ish Relationship: Humans by nature enjoy variety and new experiences. Many people don’t want to be swingers or in an open relationship, but just the idea of opening up the relationship brings them closer together and immediately spices things up. Monogam-ish means exploring fantasy together; maybe going to a strip club together or a nightclub and mingling with others, without jealousy or attachment. It’s a mindset that doesn’t require action. You can also take tiny baby steps, and create boundaries that feel good for both of you.

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