The Top Two Groundbreaking Research Fields That Will Make Aging Obsolete

The Top Two Groundbreaking Research Fields That Will Make Aging Obsolete

Aging and death are two certainties in life that humans have shared since the beginning of time. But hard as it may be to believe, death caused by aging may become obsolete within the next 20 years, thanks to a synergy between two ground-breaking age reversal research fields. The first thing that this news may bring to mind is “Oh boy, we are going to keep people alive in nursing homes forever and ever,” or, “I don’t want to continue living when I’m old, frail and sick!” But that is not the projected outcome. Researchers are on the threshold of reversing the biological process of aging itself, so humans will not only stay alive, they will also remain vibrant, energetic, youthful and healthy.

The Spearhead of the Age Reversal Project

Since his 30’s David Kekich has been interested in reversing aging and in the prospect of creating technologies that would completely eliminate aging-related deaths. He has devoted the past two decades of his life to raising funds for, and researching, age reversal technologies. As a part of his efforts, he created the Maximum Life Foundation (, which consists of a team of the top anti-aging researchers from around the world. His panel of experts include regenerative medicine specialists (including stem cell specialists), nanotechnology specialists, artificial intelligence developers, genetic experts, and specialists in the nutritional supplement and drug industries.

In the last international ‘age-reversal’ brainstorming conference, Kekich and his team of experts created a complete scientific roadmap for the reversal of aging; a roadmap that merges biotechnology, infotechnology and nanotechnology. By converging those three fields, (including all the disciplines among and included in those fields), Kekich and his researchers forecast that they will be able to crack the aging code completely by 2033.

Research Field #1: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the source technology in the age-reversal roadmap; it is not only supportive, but also essential for the development of all the other tools required to stop aging. The reason why it is so important is that it’s able to take the quadrillions of chemical reactions that are going on all the time and the other complexities in every field that is focused on aging, and to handle them far better and far faster than the human mind ever could.

There have been huge inroads in A.I. over the past decade, and a company called Scicog Systems ( is creating an ‘Artificial Scientist’, that will essentially be the smartest scientist in the world. It is estimated that within just 3 years, the researchers will have accumulated every bit of aging research pertaining to plants, animals and humans, into one massive A.I. database. The Artificial Scientist will be able to comprehend and dissect the quadrillion fragments of complex information pertaining to the human body and the study of age reversal. It will be able to quickly unravel the code of the 20,000 human genes; and it will be able to recognize patterns that are unrecognizable to humans and form its own hypotheses from those patterns. It will then be able to test its hypotheses, to uncover information and create new knowledge, which in turn, will turbocharge the age reversal development project.

Research Field # 2: Gene Therapy

According to some of the worlds leading anti-aging researchers, A.I. coupled with gene therapy, is the key to cracking the aging code and Liz Parrish is at the forefront of the genetic-based age reversal research. Her gene therapy approach at BioViva ( makes all the previous theories of telomerase activation nearly obsolete. In order to understand telomerase and their role in aging, you must first understand chromosomes and telomeres (which are different than telomerase). Chromosomes carry our DNA and at the end of chromosomes are telomeres, which protect our genetic data. An easy way to comprehend this is to think of telomeres as the protective plastic tips on shoelaces; they keep chromosome ends from fraying, which would destroy the genetic information. Every time a cell divides the telomeres get shorter, and when they get too short, the telomeres can no longer survive, which causes aging, cancer and a higher risk of death. Telomerase prevent and reverse the shortening of telomeres, thereby preventing the core cause of aging and many chronic diseases.

“We cannot cure the symptoms of aging without treating the underlying cause (telomere shortening). Cellular degeneration underlies biological aging and is behind the development of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, renal failure, and many others,” states Parrish. Her team of researchers are currently working on developing a one-time treatment tool, which will reverse arterial plaque for life, thereby making heart disease (America’s #1 killer) virtually obsolete. They are also working on a reversal for Alzheimer’s disease; and a tool to stop muscle wasting, which will help heal muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke, and more.


Parrish’s gene therapy research, combined with all of the other anti-aging data from medical experts, and technologists around the world, can be fed to the Artificial Scientist, so that it can crack the code to age reversal. The exact code remains to be determined; however, gene chip technology (that will allow for genetic alterations) will likely play a fundamental role. In the very near future, chip technology combined with hormonal balancing and other simple, non-toxic interventions, may just put an end to aging as we know it!