[Video] The Truth Behind Vaccinations Revealed

[Video] The Truth Behind Vaccinations Revealed

The whole vaccination issue is fueled by big pharma, propaganda, and an ever influencing state. America has the highest schedule of vaccinations and spends more on healthcare then anywhere else in the entire world, and yet we are the sickest nation. The chemicals in vaccines, our food, the water…they’re all contributing to our nations ever-declining health. Mandatory vaccinations dictated by the government, means a loss of a mother’s right to choose what is best for her own child. And when you dig a little deeper and do your own research, it becomes clear that vaccine mandating, is a matter of business and profitability – and not a matter of public health.


The pharmaceutical drug market is over saturated and vaccinations are a huge, untapped market with a much higher profit margin because vaccines are typically mandated to entire populations, whereas drugs are targeted towards a specific disease. In fact, the vaccine markets current worth is estimated at 24 billion and by the year 2020, the net worth is expected to rise to a whopping 60 billion! 1 There is also much lower liability for injuries and deaths attributed to vaccines then there is for pharmaceutical drugs; which further increases the incentive for pharmaceutical companies to focus their attention on the development of new vaccines. In fact, there are currently 271 vaccines going through the process of approval right now and many will end up on the vaccination schedule in the near future.

Safety Standards

We’ve been taught that vaccines are safe and effective and we trust our doctors blindly but just because something is on the market, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t to be trusted — they spend substantially more on the marketing of their products then on safety research and development. You would think that the very fact that we are injecting our infants and children with dozens of vaccines, would prompt the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to demand the highest possible safety standards for them, but vaccines are actually held to a lower safety testing standard than pharmaceutical drugs.

In order for a new pharmaceutical drug to enter the market, it needs to conduct double-blind, placebo-based, long-term studies that prove both safety and efficacy. In contrast, many vaccines are rushed to the market, and become legally mandated, without any long-term safety data. Some trials also compare the safety of the vaccine using the active ingredient, to the safety of the vaccine with all the same toxic additives, with just the ‘active’ ingredient eliminated. If the toxic additives cause side-effects or trigger or worsen a disease state, the vaccine would be falsely presumed as safe because the negative effects occurred equally in both the placebo and the non-placebo trials.

Toxic Additives

There are 3 main types of vaccines and all three are problematic in different ways. The 1 st type is dead bacteria. With these, the body knows the bacteria are dead so extremely toxic poisons such botulism (the most toxic poison known to man) are added to the vaccine in order to activate the immune system. The 2 nd type is dead viruses. They appear alive so poisons don’t have to be added but in order to lodge the virus in the body, toxic heavy metals are added. Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that was used for decades in vaccinations and was finally removed in 2001 when toxicity fears were no longer deniable. Unfortunately, the mercury was replaced with another toxic heavy metal — aluminum.

And it’s not the same natural aluminum that is found in the earth; it is a very toxic form of aluminum that is not easily detoxified by the body, so it builds-up with each aluminum containing vaccination, and acts as a neurotoxin, which is poisonous and/or destructive to nerve tissues. Live viruses are the 3 rd type of vaccination and they are so toxic that doctors wait a year before giving these vaccinations to infants, because they can cause severe and immediate damage to their delicate immune systems. Many vaccinations also have formaldehyde added because it cross links the proteins and releases it slowly. Although it has been argued that the dose of formaldehyde is too low to damage DNA or cause cancer, it is a toxin nonetheless, that our already overly burdened bodies don’t need to be exposed to. All of these vaccines are so overwhelming for our young fragile children and yet the current vaccination schedule mandates an astounding 26 vaccination all before the age of 15 months!

The Herd Immunity Argument

Those who promote mandatory vaccinations often use the ‘herd immunity’ as their reasoning, which is the concept that everyone must be vaccinated, or else we’re all at risk. But this is skewed logic — herd immunity is something that evolved out of natural selection and it has been destroyed by vaccinations. As humans we’ve evolved over millions of years and historically, when we were introduced to a virus there would be an outbreak but our body in its infinite wisdom would knows how to fight that virus, and our very exposure to it would help to build-up the immune system and provide us with natural antibodies to fight it and other diseases as well.

Chicken pox for example, is a type of herpes virus that would typically occur in early childhood, and it was caught and survived by almost every child. Once exposed, the child would build-up natural antibodies to the herpes virus and become immune for life. Then the chicken pox vaccine came along, and the natural antibodies that used to be built-up from chickenpox exposure, became suppressed, resulting in an epidemic of shingles (which is another strain of the herpes virus). Before the vaccine was developed, shingles was nearly unheard of, and would only occur very rarely in the immunosuppressed and extremely old. By removing the natural process that resulted in herd immunity to certain strains of herpes, shingles became extremely common, showing up frequently in children (which was previously unheard of it). According to a previous Merck employee, Merck knew that their chickenpox vaccination would cause an epidemic of shingles but released it anyways. And instead of claiming responsibility for the outbreak of shingles, they saw the new epidemic as a profitable new market, and developed a shingles vaccine in response.

The Port of Entry

The route or port of entry is a very important aspect when considering the safety of vaccinations. The immune system is a complex, adaptive system, and it is trained to deal with viruses that enter through the mouth, eyes, nasal passages and ears by creating antibodies to fight them – this is called innate immunity. However, vaccinations bypass the usual ports of entry and are injected intramuscularly, which confuses the immune system and your body doesn’t know how to react. In addition to sending the immune system into overdrive, the aluminum and other toxins that are added to vaccinations, are harder to eliminate because of the unnatural port of entry. For example, when you consume aluminum-tainted foods, your body can eliminate the aluminum through the stool. However, intramuscular injections of heavy metals and other toxins do not come in contact with the elimination organs—instead they get lodged in the body, where they can remain for life, potentially triggering severe neurological and immune system damage.

Diseases and Disorders Linked to Vaccinations

In the natural world you would encounter one virus at a time through a normal port of entry and your immune system would know how to work against it. But when you’re injected with 6-9 viruses intramuscularly, you bypass the natural filters and detox mechanisms of your body, and send your immune system into overdrive. As such, vaccines are linked to a huge array of autoimmune disorders, including allergies, asthma, type-1 diabetes, lupus, eczema, multiple sclerosis and chronic arthritis. Some other commonly reported disorders linked to vaccinations include: Autism, ADD, ADHD, nervous system damage, seizures, ticks, speech delays and behavioral problems. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is also linked to vaccinations, with a new study published in a peer reviewed medical journal stating there is “a high statistically significant correlation between increasing numbers of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates.”

Looking to Other Countries as Examples

The epidemic of childhood illness, autoimmune illness, neurological delays and allergies, are not nearly as prevalent in places that have less vaccines. We’re the only country that gives Hep-B to non-risk populations and many countries in Europe have removed Gardasil from the vaccination schedule due to undeniable safety and efficacy concerns. One great example to look towards is Holland, which is one of the healthiest, tallest nations in the world, with virtually no allergies. They focus a lot on homoeopathy and preventative medicine as opposed to vaccinations and pharmaceutical drugs.

Healthy Immunity – the Ideal Vaccination Alternative

The diseases we’re being immunized against are not nearly as scary or lethal as we are being led to believe and a strong, healthy immune system is your best defense against them. A wholefoods, plant-based diet combined with regular exercise, sunlight exposure, stress reduction, and restorative sleep will optimize the health of you and any children you may have. Also focus on creating a loving and nurturing environment for you and your family, with a strong emphasis on social connections. For further supports and to help undo any damage that may have already been caused consider chelation therapy (to remove heavy metals) and combination supplements such “the Ultimate Immunity Pack” (https://unitynaturals.com/product/immunity-pack/).

These lifestyle modifications will result in a culture of healthy, strong, thriving children and adults, and a future generation that is free from sickness and disease.

How You Can Help Fight the Vaccination Battle

Too many are people trusting doctors blindly, and many doctors are getting their information from pharmaceutical reps with financial interests, and simply reiterating what those reps are telling them. Many hospitals are also bought out, and given financial rewards for mandating vaccinations in their staff, as well as for promoting them in their patients. Please help spread the word on the risks associated with vaccinations by sharing this article and starting conversations about vaccinations. A lot of people are afraid to talk about the science, but you can learn 2-3 points like the back of your hand and share that – it’s enough to prompt others to at least do their own research. Also talk to your local representatives about vaccination concerns, write letters, go to your town hall repetitively and don’t give up. Stand-up for our nations right to choose what is best for ourselves and for the health of our children.


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