The Coronavirus? Here’s immediate simple steps You can take that will surprise You

Fear over the coronavirus continues to climb – but it’s primarily fueled by misinformation and sensationalization. People are being led to believe that the coronavirus is extremely dangerous and deadly. The fact is in almost all

The cases of the corona virus where death occurs (similar to the common cold or flu) those who are at greatest risk are those past the age of 60 when the immune system declines by as much as 6,000 % per Dipnarine Maharaj MD. 

Young people may be exposed and contract the virus yet in a majority of the cases they will recover without side effects. Those who smoke and those who indulge in alcohol, drugs or processed foods such as excess sugar, soda pop or processed oils can make changes now to alter these known risk factors.

It’s ironic that just a few days ago the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros stated: “Most people will have mild disease and get better without needing any special care.” And now the WHO released death rate estimate of 3.4 percent. 

If we take unreported mild cases into account, the actual death rate among infected people outside China may be as low as 0.5%, and the odds of death are lower than that for healthy non‐​elderly people. 

The odds are similar to the influenza virus (seasonal flu) and no one is canceling their winter vacations because of fear of the flu!

The media is also leading us to believe that there isn’t much we can do to protect ourselves from the virus, aside from using masks, disinfectants, and gloves – most of which are sold out now at stores around America. 

But the truth is you can drastically reduce your chances of getting sick, and promote quick and full recovery if you do, by optimizing your immune system. 

A wholefoods based diet, exercise, quality sleep, sun exposure and stress management are all important for bolstering your immune system, and I discuss these in greater depth here. Another crucial thing you can do to increase your immunity is to limit your exposure to toxins and chemicals.

Toxins and Chemicals: The Silent Immune System Destroyers

Our modern world subjects us to a plethora of toxic chemicals – they’re in our food, our water, our air, our furniture, our homes, our personal care products and many of our consumer goods. Your liver is your primary detoxification organ and it can easily become overwhelmed by all these toxins. When it does, toxins build up in your body, and your immune function can become severely compromised as a result.

In order to reduce your chemical exposure, consume a wholefoods based diet, buy a water filter for your tap and shower, and consume at least 8 glasses of water a day to help flush out toxins. Also, use organic personal care and cleaning products with natural ingredients, and exercise to the point of sweating at least 3 times a week. If possible, you should also avoid recreational, over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs. If you have a chronic health condition or are currently on prescription meds, consider working with an anti-aging MD, DO, DC or Naturopathic doctor to support your health and minimize your medication requirements (but never do this on your own!). 

Another major source of toxins is alcohol. Individuals who consume alcohol regularly have decreased liver function, increased levels of immunoglobulins in their bloodstream indicating an autoimmune response; and a greatly impaired immune system. Even if you only consume alcohol occasionally it adds to your toxic load and places an unnecessary burden on your liver and immune system. If you choose to drink alcohol in spite of this knowledge, I recommend you limit your intake to one serving maximum. And choose beer, wine or liquor over cocktails, liqueuers and soda mixed beverages because the latter 3 are loaded with sugar, which is almost as harmful to your health and immunity as alcohol.  

Defend Yourself with Liv D-Tox

To optimize liver health and immunity even further, start taking Liv D-Tox; it contains milk thistle which helps your liver regenerate new, healthy cells, and a blend of 8 other antioxidant dense herbs that support liver function, fight inflammation and bolster the immune system.

For more information on the Coronavirus and how chemicals and alcohol effect your immune system, watch my video here: