PEMF – The Safe and Revolutionary Therapy that Reverses Disease and Transforms Health

PEMF – The Safe and Revolutionary Therapy that Reverses Disease and Transforms Health

Pulsed electromagnetic fields, or PEMFs, is the term used to describe unique pulse, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities that are used therapeutically. There are thousands of scientific studies published on the restorative and health promoting benefits of PEMF therapy, and there are virtually no safety issues or adverse reactions associated with it. Read-on to discover everything you need to know about this ground-breaking therapy, and how it can help transform your mental, physical and emotional health.

PEMF History

The use of electromagnetic fields for healing is not a new practice. More than 3,500 years ago ancient cultures used magnets to promote healing and to overcome illnesses. In 1973 scientists in North America gained a greater interest in the therapeutic effects of electromagnetic fields, and the first therapeutic PEMF device was approved by the FDA in 1979. Today, it is widely accepted in Europe, but most allopathic doctors in North America are still unaware of this unique technology.

PEMF Basics

PEMF is an energy-based therapy that uses low energy pulsating fields, delivered within the frequency (cycles per second) range of 3-25 HZ. This frequency matches the earths magnetic field and the body’s bioenergetic field. PEMF therapy stimulates the growth, development and multiplication of new, healthy cells, and brings the nearly 75 trillion human cells back into harmony. Most PEMF devices resemble a yoga mat, but are slightly thicker, and contain several flat spiral coils which produce the healing electromagnetic fields.

Proven Benefits

Neutralizes Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones emit electromagnetic fields which are in a frequency that are harmful to human health. Cell phone use can cause a range of side-effects including: fatigue, sleep disturbances, reduced ability to concentrate, memory issues, headaches, heart palpitations, and digestive disturbances.[i] Preliminary research suggests they’re also carcinogenic, and since tissues near to the antenna absorb the radiation, they may increase brain cancer risk, especially when used by young children.[ii] PEMF therapy helps to restore a healthy frequency and to heal damage caused by cell phone radiation.

Promotes Organ Health

PEMF has a powerful ability to promote organ health because each organ has its own specific energy field, and organ disease can be caused by a distortion of that field. The specific frequencies used in PEMF therapy restore a healthy energy field, which in-turn, allows for diseased organs to heal.[iii] [iv]

Promotes Fracture Healing

PEMF therapy has received FDA approval for fracture healing and countless studies show damaged bones respond therapeutically to it. PEMF therapy helps fractures heal in multiple ways: it reduces inflammation and swelling, and enhances circulation. It also increases oxygenation of the blood and tissue, and stimulates cellular, tissue and bone regeneration.[v]

Decreases Work-Out Recovery Time

PEMF helps to reduce muscle contractions and swelling, and to remove lactic acid, which is beneficial because a lactic acid build-up is what causes muscle soreness. PEMF also helps restore ATP stores, which is beneficial because depleted ATP levels caused by strenuous workouts is a primary cause of muscle pain and weakness.[vi]

Enhances Athletic Performance

In addition to decreasing recovery time, PEMF can be used by athletes, for pre-competition warm-up, to reduce tissue damage, and to support quicker rehabilitation after injuries. It also supports structural integrity, which reduces injury risk, and research suggests muscles work harder, longer and recover faster with PEMF therapy.

Reduces Pain

PEMFs produce a natural analgesic effect, helping to relieve pain by reducing inflammation and swelling, by relaxing muscles, and by decreasing irritability of the nerves. PEMF has been found to be particularly helpful at relieving chronic pain in fibromyalgia and localized musculoskeletal pain sufferers.[vii]

Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Multiple studies have found patients with multiple sclerosis experience a dramatic improvement in symptoms with PEMF therapy.[viii] When given daily, patients report reduced fatigue, and enhanced quality of life.

Fights Depression

The FDA has approved transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of major depression in patients who fail to respond to antidepressants. One-to-two daily treatments can produce a dramatic depression-relieving effect in as little as 2 weeks.[ix]

Relieves Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain is a condition where pressure on sensitive points in the muscles causes pain and tenderness in seemingly unrelated body parts. Preliminary research found patients given PEMF experienced notable pain relief, and the more severe the pain was prior to PEMF therapy, the more pronounced the effects were.[x]

Relieves Osteoporosis Symptoms

Studies have found PEMF produces dramatic pain-relieving effects in osteoporosis and the results appear within just one week. Even patients who had suffered with excruciating pain despite treatment with Biphosphonates, estrogens, and/or morphine, experienced pain relief, and increased stability and mobility, after just a few PEMF sessions.[xi]

Additional Benefits

Those who use PEMF therapy consistently report increased energy and vitality; improved sleep, immunity, wound healing, and mental clarity; reduced stress and anxiety levels; gentle detoxification, a metabolism boost, and enhanced mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. PEMF may also help reduce bruising, boost cancer-fighting white blood cell production, reverse urinary incontinence, prevent migraines, and protect against heart disease by lowering systolic blood pressure. In addition, PEMF therapy helps fight chronic inflammation, and inflammation-related pain, and aids in the treatment of osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal disorders.[xii] [xiii] [xiv] Finally, PEMF may help slow the aging process by balancing energy fields, and stimulating the repair of DNA and RNA.

How You Can Receive the Benefits

PEMF devices can be purchased for home use, and aside from pregnancy, epilepsy and electronic implants, there are no contraindications associated with it. Unfortunately, PEMF devices tend to be expensive, which makes them inaccessible for many. If it is within your budget you can purchase a high-quality device here If it is not within your budget, take head, because many progressive physicians now offer this therapy in their clinics.

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