Healing Injuries Through Non-Surgical Therapy

Healing Injuries Through Non-Surgical Therapy

Experience A Full Recovery

The best patients have been to the chiropractor, the massage therapist, the acupuncturist, the orthopedic surgeon. They’ve already seen all these other entities out there and that has not worked. That has led them to Dr. Peter Fields, so those patients almost always are curable but the other ones are not. At least 90of the people who visit Dr. Fields are going to have an excellent chance of full recovery. Some may only get 80 reduction in pain or 90, but the final result is inconclusive because they will continue to heal over the year or two or three even when treatment is done. It is easy to see that once people undergo this therapy they are running, biking, swimming, walking, playing with grandchildren all without pain and all not having had surgery.

Elective Surgeries

Fortunately, most orthopedic surgeries are not emergent. They are considered elective surgeries. The surgeon, the hospital, and yes, even the patient can elect not to have them even if you’re scheduled in two days. It’s your decision. It’s your body. You can elect not to do it. It’s not something that’s going to kill you. Even in a hip fracture, yes, that may or may not have to be pinned.

Regenerative Medicine

Nowadays though with regenerative medicine becoming more at the forefront, people are coming in and the first thing they say is, “If I am a candidate, will I have time to be treated?” because they want to be treated yesterday. They’ve gone through it already. They’ve seen this, they’ve seen that. Yes, some people come directly to me because as you say, they don’t want to see a surgeon, but on the other hand, there are people who are so frustrated from the other things. By the time they come to see me, they may have driven one hour, two hours, three hours and they’re like, “Please, please, I want to start treatment now.” It’s not instantaneous, so it’s going to take a while for the body to grow, proliferate, regenerate, and so usually those people, they want to start right away.