H2: The Ground-breaking, All Natural Therapy to Keep You Youthful, Fit, and Disease-Free

H2: The Ground-breaking, All Natural Therapy to Keep You Youthful, Fit, and Disease-Free

Hydrogen is a colorless gas and it is the most abundant element on earth, making up a whopping of the mass of the entire Universe. Molecular hydrogen, or H2, is the smallest element and lightest molecule known to man. At this point, you may be wondering what any of this has to do with you, and your health; and the answer is A LOT. There are currently hundreds of studies that have been published confirming the use of H2 therapy as a beneficial treatment for halting the aging process, increasing energy, boosting immunity, and both helping to prevent and to treat numerous diseases. And the best part of all is that H2 therapy is safe, cheap, simple and side-effect free.

H2’s Superior Antioxidant Properties

Too much oxidative stress in the body, (which is caused when free radicals damage cells, tissues and DNA), is one of the leading causes of aging, cancer and the pathogenesis of virtually every disease. Free radicals cause damage to your body’s DNA and RNA – preventing them from repairing themselves and causing harmful gene alterations; they also damage essential proteins and cell membranes. Antioxidants are popular because they help to fight free radicals and thereby reduce oxidative stress. However, studies done on a variety of potent antioxidants (including vitamin C), have found that they produce limited benefit when it comes to preventing and reversing aging and disease. The reason for this, is that you actually need some oxidative stress and inflammation in order for your body to kill pathogens and cancer cells, and most antioxidants block oxidation completely, preventing oxidants from doing their job.

Also, you need to maintain a delicate equilibrium of antioxidants and free radicals in the body in order to balance an essential process known as oxidation and reduction. Unlike other antioxidants, H2 functions as a ‘selective antioxidant,’ which means it only scavenges the toxic disease-causing free radicals but its action is mild enough that it leaves the beneficial oxidants intact and it doesn’t cause any cellular damage. One example of a beneficial free radical that other antioxidants neutralize is nitric oxide — it promotes cardiovascular health, increases immunity, boosts memory and enhances energy.

H2 is also superior to other antioxidants because it’s tiny size (its molecular structure is half the size of oxygen), allows it to permeate and penetrate all of the body’s tissues, mitochondria and cells, to cross the blood-brain barrier, to regulate gene expression; and to do so easier and faster than any other element. Finally, H2 has potent anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial because inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases including heart disease, atherosclerosis, IBS, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

H2 Studies

In 2007 the first H2 study was released in the renowned ‘Nature Medicine’ journal, and approximately 500 peer-reviewed studies on animals, cells and humans have been published since then. Studies have demonstrated H2’s therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and 150 different human disease models. One currently ‘incurable’ disease that H2 therapy holds tremendous potential for treating is Parkinson’s Disease. Scientists injected rats with a Parkinson’s Disease-inducing toxin, and the rats that were fed hydrogen-rich water didn’t develop Parkinson’s disease at all, despite the toxin exposure.

Hydrogen Benefits

Hydrogen therapy has been found to help turbo charge the immune system, protect genes from damage, prevent and reverse fatigue, and enhance energy. Preliminary research has also found it may be able to completely reverse rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and could be therapeutic for osteoarthritis, cancer, brain damage, allergies, metabolic syndrome, obesity, fat loss and metabolism acceleration. It may also help reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, dementia, and atherosclerosis; protect brain health, increase the success rate of organ transplantations, prevent infectious diseases, and enhance longevity, since all of aging relates to tissue degeneration, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Hydrogen Tablet Therapy

Hydrogen tablet therapy is the most non-toxic, natural supplement you can use and it holds tremendous potential for a variety of therapeutic purposes. It is extremely simple; all you do is drop a hydrogen tablet into a bottle of pure water, cap it and allow the gas to build. Once the bottle firms up, you drink the hydrogen infused water down. There is virtually no taste and no chance for toxicity even in high amounts with multiple tablets because it is a hydrogen molecule, and when it breaks down in the body, the byproduct is simply H2O (water), which gets excreted out of the system. The fact that it simply breaks down into water is a huge advantage over other antioxidants which typically give away their electron and then become oxidized and potentially toxic to the body.

Hydrogen Therapy for Sports Enhancement

Hydrogen tablets are especially beneficial for athletes both professional and recreational. H2 removes excess lactic acid which promotes faster recovery from intense workouts, and it also helps to enhance performance and endurance by allowing for increased workout duration and intensity. Some athletes are able to perform set-after- set with no exhaustion or soreness, by simply drinking H2 before their workouts. The best, part is that elite athletes can use hydrogen therapy legally and without any harmful side-effects. The effects are typically dose dependant, and some athletes may benefit from as many as 3 tablets every few hours, during intense training days.

Additional Information

The amount of time it takes to notice the benefits of hydrogen therapy varies greatly; some will notice a reduction of pain or enhancement of energy and endurance within hours, while others may not notice a difference for days or even months. H2 supplements are not yet widely available, however you can buy H2 Pure Energy Tablets online HERE.