(Video) Four Ground-Breaking Anti-Aging Tools for Boosting Health and Longevity

(Video) Four Ground-Breaking Anti-Aging Tools for Boosting Health and Longevity

Disease and degeneration do not happen at random. You are the boss and manager of your health and the ability to live a long, vibrant, disease-free life is largely in your hands. Adapting this mentality will inspire you to make powerful lifestyle changes such as exercising more, improving your diet, and reducing toxin exposure – all of which will vastly increase your lifespan. But why stop there? You can live up to 40 years longer by combining the above changes with the following 4 life extending measures.

Step #1: Change Your Attitude and Connect

Pop-quiz: What do centenarians (people who live past 100) have in common?

A healthy diet is many peoples first guess, however, many centenarians consume less than ideal diets and still thrive. What they actually have in common is a positive attitude. Centenarians as a whole, are very positive, optimistic individuals, who view things from a glass half full perspective. They accept what they can’t change and refuse to dwell on it; they have a good sense of humour, they don’t take things too seriously, they’re independent and they’re self-determined.

Social connectedness is also extremely important to most centenarians, which is significant because a lack of social connection has been found to be just as harmful to one’s health as smoking, obesity and high blood pressure. Centenarians place a high priority on maintaining close family relationships, and strong, loving, supportive friendships. All of these characteristics increase happiness, boost immunity and reduce stress levels – which in turn, reduces chronic disease risk and enhances overall health and longevity. In fact, changing your mental outlook alone is speculated to increase lifespan by a whopping

Step #2: Correct Hormone Deficiencies

Hormones decline naturally as we age but hormonal imbalances are not just a problem of old age. The majority of us have hormone deficiencies and don’t even realize it. There’s approximately 35 important hormones and at least 5 or 6 of those are not at optimal levels when we are born. In fact, over 600 studies have found that infants are born with a range of pollutants in their fat tissue, and these pollutants compromise our hormonal health. So regardless of your age, if you have any health symptoms (low energy, low libido, bad skin, moodiness, PMS, poor immunity etc.), or you simply feel less than optimal, then you should have your doctor test your hormone levels. Some of the most common hormone imbalances that should be included in the test are: estrogen, testosterone, DHT, progesterone, cortisol, insulin and thyroid hormones. If hormone imbalances are identified, you should consider bioidentical hormone therapy in order to correct them. Supplements can also be helpful and Delgado Naturals supplies a range of natural, organic, proprietary blends with powerful hormone-balancing properties. (http://www.unitynaturals.com/).

Step #3 Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have a remarkable ability to develop into innumerable different cell types in the body during early life. They work as a sort of internal repair system, dividing in order to replenish and regenerate worn out cells. They also transform into different types of cells, each with their own specialized function (such as red blood cells, nerve cells, muscle cells or brain cells). Everyday wear and tear causes a loss of stem cells as we age and the typical signs of aging follow as a result. Stem cell therapy can be used in order to reactivate the repair process and can help to slow down and even reverse many signs of aging. Stem cell therapy can also be used to repair injuries and fight illnesses and diseases.

Step #4 Telomerase Activation

Telomeres are the tips (extremities) of the DNA chromosomes and every time cells device, telomeres get shorter. Aging happens when the telomeres get too short, so the cells can no longer divide and replenish themselves. Once you lose those cells, they’re gone and can’t be replaced and your body becomes unable to repair itself. Telomerase activation therapy can be used to turn-on enzymes that actually lengthen the telomeres, so that they can regenerate the cells again. Preliminary research suggests reactivating the telomeres can vastly lengthen lifespan, improve immunity, enhance sexual function, prevent infections, increase energy, enhance muscle mass, repair injuries and help reverse the disease.


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