Follow This Diet If You Want to Reverse Aging and Prevent Disease

Follow This Diet If You Want to Reverse Aging and Prevent Disease

Processed foods make up an astounding of the American diet. It’s no surprise when you consider how cheap and insanely accessible processed, packaged and fast foods are. And the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with billboards, commercials and other ads encouraging us to consume these toxic foods, makes them practically impossible to avoid. No wonder America is one of the fattest nations in the world and the majority of American’s are actually considered clinically obese! It’s both scary and ironic that if you’re in the normal weight range, you’re actually in the minority. Equally appalling is that fact that American’s spend more money on healthcare than any other country in the world and yet we have the highest disease rate. And almost all of the diseases we suffer from are caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD). We are literally eating ourselves to death!

Sugar is one of the biggest disease and obesity causing offenders. Processed food companies love it because it costs nothing to grow or to sell, and it’s as addictive and habit forming as cocaine and heroin. Fat is another major offender. We are genetically programmed to be drawn to high fat foods, which served a purpose in the caveman days when food shortages were a real possibility, however, consuming excess fat now, only adds to our obesity and disease risk. By combining sugar with fat, you create a food that is exceptionally seductive and highly addictive. And the worst part is that food companies know this, and they purposefully combine these ingredients when creating processed foods.

In fact, McDonalds has now added a corn-based sugar solution to their French fries (as if they weren’t already addictive enough); increasing profitability at the expense of our nations health. There is an epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer in America – all of which are largely preventable through diet. And our sex lives are suffering too — you can’t listen to a sporting event without hearing an ad for an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug. Tens of millions of men suffer with ED and it’s caused by a lack of blood supply because the SAD diet clogs up the arteries that transports blood and oxygen to the genitals.

The current healthcare system, should really be called sick care because the medical system only steps in when disease has already developed, as oppose to preventing disease by educating the public on healthy eating and lifestyle modifications. We can save millions of dollars and lives and prevent needless suffering by simply taking our health into our own hands … starting with our diets.

The Anti-Aging, Disease Preventing Diet

A whole-foods, plant-based diet comprised primarily of vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, is the absolute best diet for health. It has been proven to reduce the risk for, and help reverse: cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, bowel disorders, cancer and dementia. It also vastly reduces the risk for Americas #1 killer – heart disease. Studies have found that within just 10 days of sticking to it, you can reduce your triglyceride and cholesterol levels (two major heart disease risk factors) by a whopping. A plant-based diet also reduces inflammation, helps you achieve your ideal body weight, gives you glowing skin, optimizes your sexual function, sends your energy levels skyrocketing, increases your mental capabilities and lengthens your lifespan.

It’s important to eliminate all processed sugar and consume a very-low fat diet as well. Eliminate vegetable oils, and consume whole nuts, seeds, olives, coconut and avocado in moderation. This is vital because sugars and fats cause blood cells to clump together, thicken your blood, and clog up your arteries, which in turn, reduces the blood flow to your heart, kidneys, liver, sexual organs, and all of your other organs. Sugar and fat also cause endothelial (the inner lining of blood vessels) dysfunction, which is problematic because when your endothelium are unhealthy, you are unhealthy. In fact, one study showed that just 10 minutes after consuming a conventional fast food meal (a hamburger, French fries and a soft drink), the participants’ endothelium flow were vastly restricted and their triglyceride levels were notably increased. The study was repeated using whole, plant-based foods and there was no post-meal effect at all on the endothelium of the participant’s triglyceride levels.

Eliminating fat will provide the added benefit of skyrocketing your energy levels, and enhancing your cognitive function and memory. The reason for this is that fats coat blood cells, reducing their ability to deliver oxygen to the brain and a mere reduction of oxygen to the brain is enough to cause notable brain fog, an inability to concentrate and fatigue.

Many people think olive and coconut oil are healthy, but even these oils need to be eliminated, because all oils are processed and transformed in an unhealthy way during the extraction process. It’s sort of like taking sugar out of beets to create beet sugar; although in its whole form the sugar in beets aren’t harmful, once extracted and separated from the fiber and other nutrients, it become as toxic as any other form of processed sugar. In fact, microscopic studies show that within just 2 hours of consuming vegetable oils, cardiovascular-disease- causing-triglyceride levels in the blood cells rise markedly.

Vegetable oils are also problematic because they deplete nitric oxide, which is required for healthy blood flow throughout the body; to prevent blood clots, high blood pressure and plaque growth; and to enhance muscle mass and sexual function.

Meeting Protein Requirements

At this point you may be wondering how you’re suppose to meet your protein requirement on a plant-based diet, especially if you’re an athlete or body builder. But the idea that you need animal proteins in order to thrive and build muscle mass is a myth propagated by the livestock industry and other corporations with a vested interest in selling dairy and meat. Not only do you not need animal products, they are extremely harmful to your health. Just 3 cups a day of milk increases breast cancer risk by about, processed meat increases prostate cancer risk by up to 49, and hundreds of epidemiological studies from around the world have linked meat and dairy consumption to increased cancer and chronic disease risk.

What most people don’t realize is that you actually get protein daily from your body’s own recycling of enzymes and from the sloughing off of, and recycling of, the intestines. And the proteins from vegetable products have similar amino acid profiles as the proteins found in human breast milk – meaning our body’s were designed to absorb them and utilize them optimally. Due to the enhanced bioavailability, you need a lot less vegetarian protein than animal protein in order to meet you daily requirements.

Still not convinced? Just look at race horses — they have enormous muscle mass, and they eat no meat or fish; they eat a wholefoods, plant-based diet. Elephants and gorillas also eat low-fat, vegan diets and they are incredibly strong and powerful. Need human examples? Dr. Nick Delgado has won multiple World Strength Endurance contests while on a plant-based diet. And recently Americas only Olympic Weightlifter Kendrick Farris set an American record total at the Olympic trials, and he has been a vegan for almost 3 years.

In summation – a wholefood, plant-based diet will optimize the health of your blood cells and it is beneficial for virtually every single health problem known to man. After just a few months on this diet, you will look and feel so good, you wont ever want to revert to your old ways of eating. And with just a little experimentation and planning, it is absolutely delicious, satisfying and anything but boring.

Combine the diet with regular exercise, a drug-free (pharmaceutical, over-the- counter and recreational) life, positive thinking, loving social connections and optimized hormone levels; and you have the recipe for a long, vital, disease-free life.

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