Coronavirus: Why Social Distancing Is Not the Solution and What We Need to Do ASAP

Social distancing is like throwing a rug over a gaping hole in the floor. Sure it covers up the problem for the time being, but it doesn’t provide any permanent solution. We can’t hide in our homes forever, and the virus isn’t going to magically disappear. Even if we managed to eradicate the virus completely from our country (which is virtually impossible), it would require extreme social isolation, draconian measures, and the complete destruction of our economy in order to do so. And all of our efforts would be in vain because such drastic measures will never be enforced globally and the virus will be reintroduced to the population as soon as borders are reopened. 

I’m not saying we don’t need social distancing, it does buy us time, but even the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admits it’s not enough to stop the coronavirus from accelerating. And the population at large agrees with Tedros – an IPSOS poll of nearly 14,000 people, found majorities in eight out of the 14 countries believe social distancing measures such as travel bans, and self-isolation will not prevent the spread of the virus.

We need to use this next month in isolation wisely. Sitting around idly in our homes waiting for a drug to come along to eradicate the coronavirus is both foolish and futile. The influenza virus first spread in 1918 and scientists have still not figured out a way to eliminate it. Sure there is a vaccine against it but vaccines do far more harm than good (if you aren’t already aware of the dangers watch this video: Vaccine Panel – Conscious Life Expo). They’re also ineffective – according to the Center for Disease Control, the 2019-2020 seasonal influenza vaccine has shown a mere 45% efficacy. 

Now for the good news – there is a safe and effective tool already available that not only vastly reduces the risk of contracting the coronavirus; but also leads to mild symptoms and quick recovery if you do. We all have access to this tool and can use our time in lockdown wisely by working to optimize it. If we take action now, we can end social isolation, dramatically reduce the spread and severity of the coronavirus, and get back to living our lives. 

So what is this magical tool? It’s our immune systems. If your immune system is functioning optimally, it will mount an immediate and powerful defense against the coronavirus and quash it before it has a chance to take hold of your body. Unfortunately, because the modern diet and lifestyle is so toxic, many of us have compromised immune systems. You can’t restore immunity overnight but if you start now, and you take the correct steps you can markedly increase your immune system in just a couple of weeks. So what are these steps?  

4 Essential Steps for Immunity: 

  1. Nutrification – Nourishing our bodies and bolstering our immune systems with a sugar-free and oil-free, wholefoods plant-based diet. 
  2. Detoxification – Reducing the toxic load on the body, optimizing liver health and restoring hormonal balance.
  3. Fortification – Boosting health and immunity with nutraceuticals, exercise, quality sleep, fresh outdoor air, and sunlight. Supporting adrenal glands and enhancing methylation. 
  4. The Power of the Mind – Reducing fear and stress (enemies of the immune system); focusing on love, positivity, and laughter.

I explore these four steps in much greater detail in my course: Building Immunity Against the Coronavirus. The retail value of this course is $199.00, but I am offering it for FREE if you sign up today. 


The government recently granted 2 trillion taxpayer dollars as a coronavirus stimulus package, and from what I can tell, none of it is going towards the one thing that can prevent the virus – building a healthy immune system. So the onus is on us as individuals. American’s need to use this time in isolation to educate themselves and make the lifestyle changes that are necessary for optimal health. That way when this is all over, we will not only be immune to the coronavirus but to all types of infectious diseases. We will also dramatically reduce our risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer; reduce our reliance on toxic prescription drugs, and become a happier, healthier, and longer-living society.  

Watch my Youtube video to find out the exact steps you need to take to turbocharge your immune system and becoming immune to the coronavirus: Why social Isolation is not enough according to World Health Organization WHO, Methylation DNA virus