Cell Phone Towers Destroy DNA and Increase the Risk for Cancer

Did you know there are more mobile device connections on Earth than people? If you think this has no impact on your health, think again. When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared cellphones as safe for humans years ago, they based that claim on a faulty and now outdated study. In the study rats were exposed to 2G and 3G cell radiation and the rats experienced no increase in disease risk or mortality. 

The problem with this study is two-fold. Firstly, 2G and 3G networks have mostly been replaced by 4G, and we are quickly moving towards 5G and 6G – each of which emit progressively stronger frequencies. Secondly, humans react differently to cell tower radiation than rats, thanks to differences in skin structure. 

Humans have sweat glands across their entire dermal structure and the sweat ducts in our upper skin layer are coil-shaped. These coil-shaped ducts act like mini helical antennas, readily receiving sub-THz band frequencies. Due to the sweat ducts shape, humans are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of cell towers and the proliferation of 5G towers is theorized to worsen the health impact. 

Recent research into the effects of the hypomagnetic fields (HMFs) associated with cell phone radiation, found cell towers cause abnormal and incomplete DNA methylation which leads to the dysregulation of gene expression. Methylation is a chemical process where a methyl (CH3) group is added to DNA, thereby modifying the function of the genes. Incomplete methylation leads to altered gene expression, which can lead to cancer and a wide array of other chronic illnesses, including: diabetes, Alzhemier’s disease, Autism, depression, allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome. Even your energy, weight, libido, fertility and mood are linked to incomplete methylation and altered gene expression.

The chronic illnesses that these gene alterations can lead to are among the most costly and prevalent health conditions in the United States, and it is imperative that we take steps to protect ourselves. 

Studies show methyl donor nutrients support the methylation process and protect DNA from cell phone tower radiation and other environmental factors that can lead to incomplete methylation and chronic illnesses. OPTIMAL DNA is a clinically formulated supplement that contains key methyl donors. These methyl donors are not only your best ally against the new onslaught of 4G and 5G towers; they also help to boost brain function and enhance attention, memory, and motivation. Users report clearer thinking and other cognitive benefits within a few days, but the full beneficial effects take place over the course of 3-6 months.