Anti-Aging Longevity Conference- Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ron Klatz

Anti-Aging Longevity Conference- Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ron Klatz

During the Brinks Longevity Conference, we were able to catch up with Dr. Ron Klatz from “Simply Healthy T.V.” Dr. Klatz spoke about some very important breakthroughs regarding immortality, anti-aging, and longevity. We got into detail about what exactly is going on in the laboratories now, and what will be available in the not-so-distant future. Our main focus revolved around increasing life expectancy through genetic engineering and cellular biology stem cells. “Manipulating the cell itself, so that [the cell] performs in a younger and more effective and healthier way,” Klatz explains.

*Tip- There is more than one mechanism of aging.

“We are still not sure of what all the mechanisms of aging are.” Dr. Klatz goes into detail about the telomerase theory of aging, informing us that it all has to do with cellular senescence, toxicity within the cells, and DNA breakdown. Dr. Klatz is hoping that with the technology we have today we can manipulate the cells, rewire them, to create a new cell for a more “youthful you”. Klatz is in the process of pulling the technology out of the laboratory and pushing it into society through physicians and scientists. His goal is to get this new found information into the hands of the general public so they too can “live a longer, healthier, and happier life span.”

*Tip- At birth the average human is born with 15,000 telomerase.

As we age we begin losing telomerase replications, by the time we reach an elderly age we have about 5,000 telomerase replications left in the body. But, according to Dr. Klatz, we may be able to fix this problem, or at least slow it down. By “tinkering” around with the cell we will be able to manipulate it into a brand new cell which could result in the body being alive and healthy for an additional 5 to 20 years more than expected.

*Tip- Much of this new found technology has not yet been released to the general public, Dr. Klatz says it’s all because “[The Laboratories] do not want to lose control”

“We really do have the tools to [cure anti-aging],” explains Klatz. Stem cells are working to cure heart disease, respiratory disease, and neurocognitive dysfunctions. The new discovery is that stem cells also can be useful for all various aging disorders, such as arthritis. The only problem that interferes with allowing this new found information to be released to the public, is money. There are six billion dollars on the table today from different supporting corporations such as “Johnson & Johnson”, and “Google”. That is six billion dollars ready to be spent on the study and research of human aging.

Dr. Klatz has a goal to “bring this new technology out of the laboratories and to put them into the hands of practicing physicians”. With all of this collective technology and data it would be beneficial to the people if we were to inform everybody the discoveries that have been made so they can be one step closer to leading a happier, and healthier lifespan.

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Article written by: Jade Whelchel[/fusion_text]