(Video) Age Reversal with David Kekich and Dr. Nick Delgado

(Video) Age Reversal with David Kekich and Dr. Nick Delgado

[sharify]Since the late 90’s, David Kekich has been at the forefront of extreme life extension research and finding the code to cure aging, even reversing the aging process as we know it. Thanks to David Kekich, his team of experts and doctors like Dr. Nick Delgado, the seniors of today, who were the Boomers a few years ago, may be a part of the first generation of adults who do NOT die of old age diseases. In fact, David Kekich has just published a book, “Smart, Strong, and Healthy at 100.” These are carefully researched facts; not science fiction.

David Kekich wasn’t always into research. He says he was very much into the physicality of life. Prior to becoming immersed in research, he was in charge of the marketing arm of a major insurance company. Although he was very good at it and built a major insurance company, he hated it. The program that they had saved people thousands of dollars in life insurance and also offset taxes and other expenses of estate planning. The difficulty for him was the fact that every interview was necessarily about death and dying. Even in his 30’s, he felt that there was a way to extend life and improve the quality of life. Whether he was making a prediction or was actually intuitive, the fact remains he was onto something real. As he said in an interview with Dr. Delgado, knowing where we are now scientifically, his prediction that we would crack the aging code in his lifetime was quite conservative.

Following a spinal cord injury that paralyzed him from the waist down in 1978, he had to decide what to do with the rest of his life. As he had been a very active athletic man, first he had to cope with the reality of the catastrophe. Naturally, he travelled around the world looking for a cure that did not exist. Then predictably, he became very involved in fundraising for research for spinal cord injury and treatments. Like he said, he had to do something. At some point, he realized that even when a cure was found, there would be a long rehabilitation period. He would not be able to do what he used to do. He would be 70 or 80 and die. Also, the statistics struck him. In the United States, only about 200,000 adults are paralyzed with spinal cord injuries. Throughout the world there are more, but percentages would be different. Looking at the complexities of resolving the aging process and the technologies recently being used, like stem cell research, he reached the conclusion that raising funds for aging research and age reversal would be beneficial to more people and at the same time help those paralyzed for whatever reason. At that time there were 200,000,000 adults, all of them aging. That was when he decided that the same energy expended in raising funds for spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, and other muscular diseases, could be better used extending or even reversing the aging process. .

David was living in California when he first got hurt. After his search for a cure that did not produce results, he settled temporarily in Pennsylvania where he grew up. It was there he formed the idea of the Maximum Life Foundation. While still in Pennsylvania, he organized a summit of the top researchers in the field, about a dozen. It was a small group at that time, 1999. He had a plan that if they could come together for a weekend and work behind closed doors without interruption, they could develop a road map for cracking the aging code. It would be a working road map to a real conclusion. He scheduled a brainstorming session, an international conference of the best researchers in anti-aging research. At the end of the first session, they had a road map. It was not complete, but with phone calls, emails, and people outside the group, they finally had a scientific road map. There were 3 more conferences, the last one in 2009.

David Kekich’s group included regenerative medicine specialists, stem cell technology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and more, everything that has anything to do with genomics, supplements, medicines, etc. The Maximum Life Foundation was the first group to show the synergy among the nanotech. biotech, and infotech. By combining the work of these three areas and all the disciplines they include, the way has been pointed to figuring out how to stop and maybe even reverse the aging process.

One might ask, and there are many who are wondering out loud, does life extension mean that we are going to have elderly people living forever in nursing homes. It has even been said in political circles that the current aging population is going to bankrupt Social Security. That is the exact opposite of what the Maximum Life Span, the Academy of Antiaging Medicine, the Immortals and others are working towards. By cracking the aging code, the plan is to reverse the aging process, and make living to 100+ vibrant, healthy, and youthful possible.

An approximate date of when the technology for reversing the aging process can be shown in a mammal has been set at 2033, well within the lifetime of those who are already seniors. With Hormone Replacement, stem cells, gene therapy and good nutrition it is possible that many will live to be a part of the first generation not to die of age related disease conditions. As with any new discovery in the medical field, there are those who will die before the research is completed and human tests are authorized. Sadly, statistics are showing that the country is losing about 100,000 a day to conditions related to aging.

There are two major developments that are key to solving the puzzle of reversing the aging process. There are quadrillions of chemical reactions all happening simultaneously. No matter how brilliant the minds working on the project, there is no possible way to combine and analyze independently all the information accumulated by the top researchers. David Kekich and his group formed a company called Scicog Systems to work with Bioviva USA to create a research assistant through Artificial Intelligence, A.I. This robotic scientist can absorb, analyze, and produce answers to the code of aging. This tool can form hypotheses, test the hypotheses, and reach conclusions.

It is entirely possible that coupled with gene therapy, the aging code has been cracked. The reason that more progress has not been reached faster is the lack of money, a small amount, not a lot. At first moneys being put into the research were limited. Now, funds are flowing into the program. Within a month of this writing, Bioviva USA together with Scicog Systems are going to be allowed to test a human with gene therapy. This is gene therapy to remove arterial plaque. One treatment will be used for one body for life. This could cure heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke for the life of that human being. During the same test, gene therapy will be used to cure paralysis and reverse atrophy. If successful, it can be used for Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injury, and other similar conditions. Needless to say David Kekich is particularly interested in this use of gene therapy. His muscles in the lower half of his body are all atrophied. These results are very encouraging. Before the end of 2016, another test is going to be done to reverse Alzheimer’s.

There are several conferences in the U.S. and around the world with new discoveries and cutting edge technology every year. Life Extension, Academy of Antiaging Medicine, Maximum Life Extension and others are contributing to seminars and research. There are millions, even billions of dollars going to research and the creation of artificial intelligence from such major technology corporations as Amazon, PayPal, Google, and more. With such interest, the cure is getting closer.

Anyone interested in finding out more about these finds can go to www.biovivasciences.com and www.scicogsystems.com.[/fusion_text]