5 Keys To Sculpting A Perfect Body

5 Keys to Sculpting a Perfect Body

Unfortunately, in today’s world, as it has been since the beginning of time, most people add inches to the body as they get older, grow weaker with less muscle tone, and get flabby all over. This age old trend is considered normal and unchangeable. Even young people, starting at about age 25, are concerned with wrinkles, the visible signs of aging. So the question for age management specialists like Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Michael Bedics is how to get and keep that perfect body.

The following article lists and explains the 5 most important things to do:

1) Choose Your Parents Wisely: All joking aside, it is important to know what is back there in the family tree as it may come back to haunt. If there is cancer in the family tree, like prostate cancer, breast cancer, or other form of the disease, early testing is advised. It is possible to “dodge the bullet” so to speak. There are hormones, supplements, tests, and diet, all relatively inexpensive, to lower the cancer risks. Maybe the medical part isn’t really affordable to the common person just yet, the diet changes, supplements, and exercise can be accomplished by anyone.

2) Eliminating Toxic Substances: Everyone already knows about alcohol and tobacco and the havoc they have wreaked on millions of lives physically and financially. Beyond the obvious bad habits, cities have turned into chemical soup bowls. There are dangerous chemicals in the air, in the water, and in the foods. Because of extensive research, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the dangers such things pose to the human and other living creatures. Air can be filtered, drinking water can be bottled, and pesticide free organic fruits and vegetables are available.

3) Stress Management, Exercise, and Diet: All three are issues being addressed by researchers on age management. Whenever possible, exercise is more likely to happen on a regular basis with a partner. There are hours when gyms are not crowded thus minimizing the time spent on the workout floor, and eliminating waste. Exercise relieves the anxiety and daily stress of the work place and everyday life. It slims and tones the body, improves blood flow and boosts the immune system.

4) Vitamins and Supplements: The reason many adults stop taking vitamins is that the results are not readily visible, and the good feeling is not instantaneous. This is the age of instant satisfaction with all the electronic gadgets available to children and adults. There are many good reasons to take supplements besides feeling good. Vitamins and minerals help the body to build and repair itself daily. Just eating right is not enough. Food is different in different parts of the World. In the United States the soil has been farmed and overworked until it is depleted in valuable minerals. Vitamins are lost in the cooking process and processing. There is a simple test for potency. Taking a carrot or other vegetable from another country and connecting two electrodes to a light bulb, the vegetable creates a brilliant light. But, taking a carrot or other vegetable grown here in the U. S. results in a very dim light within the bulb. This means that supplements are needed. They can be found in most supermarkets, pharmacies, and other stores. Because of the prevalence of chemicals found in produce, another area called nutraceuticals, aids in detoxing the body. Probiotics help in digestion and the formation of good bacteria in the colon and replace the bad bacteria that poison the entire system.

Recent literature has been produced about the supposedly dangerous results of using cell phones and computers. Researchers are proposing that the radiation that comes from the new gadgets we depend on for communication, work, and entertainment can be causing tumors by disrupting cell growth. Most people use one ear for the cell phone most of the time. The brain tumors that have been found on even young consumers are on that side. Earbuds are sold with the cell phones now, and holding the phone away from the ear not making contact with the ear piece can help to prevent the disruption of the cell’s normal activity.

Every individual is different, so it is important to know the biochemistry of each individual seeking help. There are herbs and other supplements to strengthen the cell walls and ward off any externally caused damage. Besides the biochemistry, the primary care physician needs to know how a patient lives and what he/she does for a living in addition to the normal lab tests of blood, saliva, urine, etc.

5) Hormones: Decline in hormone production is the primary cause of aging in the human body. The doctor must look at the full picture, accumulate all the data, and come up with some logical conclusions. For hormone replacement, it is better to consider each hormone and what it does one hormone at a time. They are the messengers of the body and control many bodily functions like metabolism, energy, stamina, libido, weight gain or loss, memory, moods and more. With the help of a competent endocrinologist, it is possible to maintain a youthful hormonal balance and stop or even reverse the aging process. An experimental physician can tell a lot about a person’s health just by looking at the physical appearance.

The primary care physician is working under a tremendous burden imposed by the government and insurance companies. He has 9 minutes for the office consultation and 6 to record results. In 15 minutes, what can he learn about a person? The medical profession is not geared toward prevention or real medical care. A thorough consultation and work-up takes about 2 hours for the first visit. When asked, most people will tell the doctor they aren’t sick, even when they are taking multiple prescription medications.

Blood pressure medicines, cholesterol reducers, and heart medications are the most common. All of these conditions are manageable through diet, exercise, supplements and hormones. Finding the root cause of a condition just takes too long for the traditional practice paid by insurance or a government program.

Today’s older adults (Baby Boomers a few years ago and now Seniors) aren’t taking their aging and health lightly. They are taking charge. It is important that they find the right antiaging consultant to filter through all the data and information and point them in the right direction.

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