3 Lifestyle Modifications that Will Defend You Against the Coronavirus

Despite its epidemic status – your risk of contracting the coronavirus is largely in your hands. I’ve already shared with you precautionary steps you should take and 3 ways to boost your natural defenses to become immune to the virus. And now I’d like to share 3 easy and free lifestyle modifications that will make you far less susceptible to succumbing to the virus. 

#1 Sun Exposure

Almost half of all Americans are deficient in vitamin D because of a lack of adequate sun exposure, and this vitamin plays a vital role in the immune response. The sun converts under the skin dehydrocholesterol into Vitamin D3. When you’re deficient your immune system can’t properly defend you from invading organisms and you become far more susceptible to infections.

Even 15 minutes outdoors without sunglasses on will make a huge difference in the quality of your immune system. Sun also increases the release of powerful protective hormones such as testosterone when Luteinizing hormone – LH increases a whooping 67% from daily exposure to the sun. To be safe, call our office 949-720-1554 to order our Vitamin D3, with 5,000 iu of probiotics. This combination is sure to improve your immune system to fight viruses. 

#2 Exercise

Exercise is helpful on so many levels. It helps flush viruses and bacteria out of the lungs and airways which reduces your chance of getting sick. It also causes a change in white blood cells and antibodies – both of which help fight disease. An amazing fact is that running or jumping on a bungee cord trampoline increases the efficiency of the immune system by 10 fold.

That’s ten times more lymphatic flow through the body as compared to just walking. The best benefits come from exercise where you are breathing heavily during the entire period. Now if you are new to exercise it is best to gradually build up from walking to speed walking to running.

Doing workouts with weights with little or no rest, between sets is also going to dramatically improve your immune system to fight viruses.  My rule is choose a weight you can lift 50 times, if too heavy, drop the amount of weight down until you can complete the set in one continuous nonstop fashion.

Finally exercise slows down the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline, which is beneficial because having lower stress hormones helps protect against illnesses. 

#3 Sleep

The importance of getting enough quality sleep cannot be overstated. During sleep, your body repairs itself, and your immune system releases protective proteins called cytokines which play a critical role in protecting against bacterial and viral infections.

And when you don’t get enough quality sleep, your stress hormones increase and infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced. One effective way to get better sleep, is to turn the clock back by one full hour compared to your usual bedtime.

Wake up without an alarm, and use my NLP Neuro reprogramming audio scripts for amazing deep delta rejuvenation sleep. You will feel like you are in heaven, building the immune system without going to heaven to meet our maker, from a wired virus. 

To find out more about how these lifestyle factors affect your disease risk, and tips on how to optimize your sun exposure, your exercise regime and your sleep watch my video: